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Coursing Blankets

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Our Coursing Blankets are made from a poly-cotton blend in no-bleed colors that keeps its shape and withstands
frequent machine washing and drying.  All our blankets meet regulation standards for ASFA and AKC tests and trials. 
Also, we use
comfort-texture elastic closures across the chest and at the waist to prevent irritation and chaffing of the skin.  


We offer these as a Set of (3) Three Blankets - pink, blue and yellow - or as individual blankets that may be purchased
separately as replacements for old or damaged blankets or for uses such as therapy dog vests.










Rayon-Silk Shells

Our standard blankets will have poly-cotton shells and poly-cotton linings.  Durable and machine washable, the standard has a flat finish both inside and out and can be ironed or just wash and worn.

the Rayon-Silk OPTION makes for a shiny exterior (more like the race horses') while preserving the ability to machine wash and wear.  Even with the option, the blankets' lining remains poly-cotton for increased stability and minimal wrinkling.   



$10 add'l per set

 - or -

$ 4 add' per single blanket

  Simply add the basic coursing blanket price listed below to the customizing feature price(s) you've selected from the left.

 Please know that we price our blankets
by the BREED, not by the size
of the measurements you will provide us
when you place your order. 

SO --- whether your IG is IG-sized or
Whippet-sized, or whether your Whippet is
Whippet-sized or IG-sized, you'll pay the price as indicated for your breed. 

Button-holed Waist Closures

Our standard blankets utilize Velcro Closures on 2 Elastic strips at the waist while the elastic at the chest is sewn directly into the blanket seams and cannot be opened up.  

The Button-holed option still utilizes Velcro Closures, however, the elastic is a single strip designed to loop through a permanent button hole and come back around to close/stick on itself.  This option helps to stabilize the placement of the blanket on the dog even if the Velcro accidentally should come apart.  It is also useful when multiple dogs of varying size are sharing the blankets as it creates more "adjustability" in the waist size.


$5 add'l per set

 - or -

$2 add'l per single blanket


with Poly-Cotton Shell and Lining, comfort-texture elastic and velcro closures at the waist


for a point of reference, our small size generally fits Italian Greyhounds; our medium size, Basenjis, Whippets and Silkens; our large size, Greyhounds, Ibizan and Pharaoh Hounds and Salukis; our X-large Irish Wolfhounds and Scottish Deerhounds








Nylon Ties with Keepers

(replaces Velcro closures and elastic at waist)

This option eliminates elastic and Velcro closures at the waist and replaces these with nylon "string ties" that may be pulled through a nylon "keeper" sewn to the back edge of the blanket (where the end of the blanket lies on the dog's spine).  This option is preferred by some because the closures can be "knotted" closed and thereby further ensures the security and placement of the blanket while the dog is running.


$3 add'l per set

- or -

$1 add'l per single blanket


Hound ate that blue jacket? 
Don't buy a whole new set?
order a single replacement

Is your dog doing therapy work?
Want people to know he is
on the job?
order a single blanket with
embroidered or vinyl text

-- please specify color choice --

yellow, pink, blue, red,
white, green, yellow, black










 (sewn usually at the shoulder or the base of blanket top)

This added detail allows you to monogram initials, names, kennel logos, and other images right into the coat.  We outsource all our embroidery work to a well-established, trusted embroidery company Whippet Crossing



Link HERE for details and pricing



shipping and handling not included above



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Last modified: February 24, 2008